Why to choose our legal team

Our professionals

We have more than 10 years’ experience in litigation, especially in relation to family law, health law and civil liability, and in legal consultancy for businesses, including tax, accounting, labour and commercial matters.

Our values

Our commitment is to integral quality in the provision of our services and the management of our human resources.

We want that commitment to lead to customer satisfaction, as satisfied clients will refer us to others who we can continue to help.

Because “Our availability and help is our service” is not just a slogan, but a definition of our commitment to provide personalised attention to all our clients, as their interests are our interests. Our clients have priority over ourselves.

Our approach

As legal and tax consultants, we do not only provide fully comprehensive services but also specialise in economic and financial matters, as they are closely related to trade and tax law.

Because an approach based on interdisciplinary collaboration is essential if we are to successfully defend our clients’ interests, because expert evidence and damage evaluation are the cornerstones of all litigation procedures.

Our protocol of action

When you hire our services (see fees), your case will be reviewed in order to provide guidelines for possible strategies and alternatives. This initial review is free of cost.

This immediate diagnosis and preparation of guidelines for evaluating the possibility of success or failure is something you will not find in other law firms.

Circumstances permitting, this service can help us to set the basis for out-of-court negotiations, as an amicable agreement is always preferable to unnecessary litigation.

If such an agreement is not possible, or the matter is complex, this review will help us to prepare the legal action to be taken.

Unlike many other firms, we also hire the services of independent experts or professionals to confirm our initial diagnosis.

This adds credibility to our legal action when it comes to refuting evidence.

Preparation of the interview with the forensic physician is another service not normally provided. We believe, however, that it is of vital importance in cases related to traffic accidents or injuries of any kind.

With the first medical review completed by our team, you will be contacted in order to inform you of the documents to be presented to the forensic officer, and the indications of the medical department.