Tax law and economic consultancy services

>General Taxation
>International Taxation
>Transfer Pricing
>Tax Litigation
>Indirect Taxes (Vat and Customs Duties)
>Local Taxation
>Taxes Consultancy:
  ·Preparation of period tax returns, based on the information provided by the client and after review by our team.
  ·Reasoned decisions on business operations and their possible tax repercussions (up to two per year).
  ·Annual tax plans.
  ·Consultancy service related to accounting and computerisation of accounts entries by the client.
  ·Regularisation, distribution into periods and closure of accounts at the end of the financial year.
  ·Legalisation of mandatory ledgers.
  ·Preparation and presentation of Annual Accounts and Notes to the Accounts.
  ·Development and design of analytical accounting plans (cost accounting).
  ·Control and supervision of consolidated financial statements.
  ·Preparation of Accounts Plans tailored to the client’s needs, according to ICAC sectorial adaptations.