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Business consultants

Our firm was established in 1999 by several professionals specialising in providing businesses with COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES, including tax, accounting and labor-related matters. As legal and tax consultants, we do not only provide fully comprehensive services but also specialise in economic and financial matters, as they are closely related to trade and tax law. Our consulting is also specialized in internationalization projects, and give special relevance to the companies for their implementation in the foreign market. We design your company’s strategic plans to adapt to the international market.

Litigation and Claims

We also specialise in CORPOTATE LAW, contracts, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy, with extensive experience in process of “Due Diligence”; in FAMILY LAW, providing global assistance not limited to legal matters, but not just legal assistance to those affected, also providing them protection and security; in HEALTH LAW, with its association to civil liability and tort actions; and of course in TAX LAW. All this without prejudice to other actions before different jurisdictional orders in defense of our clients.

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