Philosophy and professional ethics


Our goal is to defend your interests so that you obtain everything to which you are entitled by law.


You are entitled to know how we are processing your claim, the fees to be charged and the form in which they will be collected.


Based on years of experience, our interest in keeping up-to-date, and our objective of completing our protocols of action as well as possible.


We work with people, not with cases. This involves not only the best possible personal relations with our clients and we are also available to visit you at home or work for interviews, to help you cope with stressful situations.


Depending on each case, we will ensure fluid communications with our offices to ensure that you are regularly informed.


Your goal is to satisfy your own interests. We share this goal, but also hope that you will be so satisfied that you will refer us to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

We are also proud of our commitment, to management of our human resources based on quality criteria. We allow flexible hours and location, compatible with our families, stimulate by incentive and provide ongoing training.