Tax and accounting management

Accounting consultancy

>Permanent advisory service and follow-up.
>Computerizations of account entries.
>Regularization, distribution into periods and account closing at the end of the financial year.
>Legalization of mandatory ledgers.
>Preparation and official presentation of Annual Accounts and Notes to the Accounts.

 Tax returns

>Corporate Income Tax Returns:
·Study, preparation and settlement.
·Payments on account.
>Value Added Tax Returns.
·Quarterly VAT return.
·Annual summary.
·Exemptions and rebate processing.
·Preparation of tax records.
>Annual Declaration of Operations with Third Parties.
>Declaration of Intra-Community Operations.
>Forms 110 and 115, withholding and payments on account of personal/corporate income tax.
>Declarations of start, change and/or end of business activity.
> Local tax returns
>Miscellaneous tax returns.
>Support regarding tax authority requirements and inspections.